Derby Madrid

In the context of Barcelona falling in the early stages of the season, Real and Atletico are having a great advantage in the championship race.  Currently, Real Madrid is leading the rankings with 14 points, while Atletico Madrid is third with a worse point.  Standing between these two teams is Real Sociedad with 13 points.  Thus, the derby of Madrid in the 7th round will greatly affect the race to the championship and the prediction will be extremely fierce.

Atletico Madrid has just found the winning feeling after experiencing 3 consecutive games of draw and loss.  In the last round in La Liga, they defeated Mallorca on a march to the rookie field.  In this round, they will be playing at home to welcome the great rival with the city.  Atletico's goal is none other than 3 complete points to create an advantage for the championship race.  The yard is a big advantage for Atletico because they have the unbeaten circuit from the beginning of the season until now on home turf in every front.

On the other side, Real Madrid are having a good start this season.  In addition to seeing defeat against PSG in the Champions League, Real Madrid are unbeaten in the remaining 5 matches of the last 6 appearances.  The spirit of the white vulture is also rising when they have won two consecutive victories over Sevilla and Osasuna in the past two rounds, while keeping clean sheets in both matches.  Besides the pillars, young strikers like Rodrygo or Vinicius have shone to bring good results for the Spanish royal team.

The derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid is always very attractive and desirable.  In the past, Atletico was the team that usually had better results.  Apart from 3 draws, Atletico won 2 and lost only 1 of the last 6 encounters between the two teams.  At the most recent meeting in July at ICC, in an open position of a friendly match, Atletico defeated Real with a score of 7-3.  However, at the last meeting in La Liga, Real was the winner.  In addition, considering the correlation of the two teams at this time, Real's ability to win is also appreciated. 
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