EFL Cup: Chelsea FC

Chelsea just went through two disappointing matches.  Specifically, they both lost at home to Valencia in the Champions League and Liverpool in the English Premier League.  Therefore, more than ever, teachers and students Frank Lampard desperately need a victory at this time to reassure fans and dispel the gloomy atmosphere.

Fortunately, the upcoming appearance is an extremely favorable opportunity for Chelsea to have what you want.  That's when they host Grimsby in the third round of the League Cup.  Although not focused on playing in this arena, the Blues certainly do not ignore winning against the weaker in every way like Grimsby.

Currently, Grimsby is only the average club in the English Third Division (League Two).  Last season, they didn't have a high position when they were ranked 17/24.  With less strength than Chelsea, there is no door for Grimsby to get a draw, even avoiding a heavy defeat at Stamford Bridge is very difficult.

In terms of betting, Premier League representatives are being accepted by the bookies from -2 1/2 to -2 3/4 before Grimsby.  According to the judgment of Chelsea vs Grimsby matchmaker, The Blues are capable of defeating the opponent with a gap of three or more goals, meaning winning the betting ratio.

It is also worth knowing that when meeting under-home teams completely at home in domestic leagues, Chelsea often have a gap victory that surpasses the betting rate.  It is proved that in the last 7 home games, accepting a handicap of -1 1/4 or more, Chelsea has 5 times to bring profits to investors. 
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