After the exciting start in the English first division, Fulham suddenly leveled off with a series of 4 consecutive matches, only draw and lose (draw 3, loss 1). With 12 points, Scott Parker's teachers and students are 12th in the rankings. However, in the welcome performance of Wigan tonight in round 9, the London capital team is still appreciated by the house with a ratio of 0: 1.

Compared to the time of opening the rafter, Fulham's food is still on a downward trend. This development shows that Fulham is creating a significant attraction on the trading floor. The reason that Scott Parker's team is trusted because of the force correlation, they are much higher than Wigan.

In the last 4 rounds, Fulham have to face difficult opponents. But before the opponent is 19th in the rankings like Wigan, the North London team can fully expect a good result. Their fulcrum is the home of Craven Cottage. In fact, in 4 home matches played, Scott Parker teachers and students only lost 1 match (won 2, drew 1, lost 1).

After 8 opening rounds, Fulham showed good attack ability with 12 goals, including 8 goals they scored at Craevn Cottage. Meanwhile, their opponent tonight, Wigan is starting badly with only 8 points after the first 8 rounds.

In the last 3 rounds, Wigan prospered with an unbeaten record (won 1, drew 2). However, this is the match they have the deepest handicap since the new season started. With the house price, experts believe that Fulham will regain the joy of winning.