Stoke only won 2 points after 8 rounds in the Championship this season, ranked at 23rd or 2nd from the bottom of the rankings.  The decline of Stoke surprised many people but this fact was warned when they could not win promotion tickets in the season.  Add a series of pillars leaving Stoke-on-Trent in the summer of 2019.

Erik Pieters, Charlie Adam, Giannelli Imbula, Saido Berahino, Bojan Krkic left leaving gaps in the squad but Stoke could not recruit quality recruits to replenish.  At the present time, Stoke still faces the problem of injury, so the ability to achieve good results is even more difficult to promise.

On 25/9, Stoke marched to the ground of Crawley Town to play the third round of the English Cup and took 120 minutes to compete with the opponent but ultimately lost 3-5 in the penalty shootout.  Back at home in the 9th round of the Championship, Stoke is increasingly unlikely to receive trust when they have lost 5 recent matches in a row under Asia.

Stoke's upcoming opponent, Nottingham, has just lost to Arsenal 0-5 at Emirates Stadium.  But the match that Nottingham soon determined there was not much hope should save effort.  Returning to the Championship with an unbeaten record in 7 consecutive games, Nottingham has the confidence to head to victory in Stoke-on-Trent.

Across all competitions, Nottingham won 8 out of the previous 10 matches on Asian handicaps.  Ranked 6th on the table with 15 points but only 2 points behind the top team, Nottingham has more reason to fight and decide to win in round 9. The Stoke handicap -1/4 under Asian rafters and accommodation options  Choosing host early decrease fluctuations shows that the lower door is the water bright option before the ball rolling.  Last season, Stoke accepted -1/2 against Nottingham at home.