It would be no surprise if Khabib's next opponent is McGregor

There is no doubt that mixed martial arts fans would love a rematch between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, while UFC president Dana White is of the same opinion.

The duel between them would bring many benefits, though many think Tony Ferguson deserves a chance to compete for the title.

At a press conference after 'UFC 242', White announced that Ferguson would be given the chance to claim the lightweight title. However, his statement noted that he preferred the remake between Khabib and McGregor.

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"Tony Ferguson will be given the next chance, and if for some reason Tony can't fight or if he doesn't want to, then we would think of something else, but Conor would make a lot of sense."

"Conor McGregor loves the duel very much and I'm sure fans will want to see it too. So we'll see how it all goes, "the UFC president said.

The decision is up to UFC leaders and Nurmagomedov, but there is no doubt that Ferguson wants the chance for a title. 

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