La Liga: Real Madrid

In the Champions League, Real Madrid has just lost a weak 0-3 in a trip to the PSG stadium.  This result has caused coach Zinedine Zidane to receive a lot of criticism.  Rumors of his impending loss also began to appear.

However, the outstanding leadership of the French strategist is undisputed.  In La Liga, the performance of the White Vulture is still quite good when ranked 2nd in the rankings and only inferior to the top of the sub-index.

Recently, they won at home of the extremely annoying opponent, Sevilla.  Karim Benzema continued to make the biggest impression when he scored the only goal in the 64th minute.

Clearly, the mighty star of the Spanish Royal team is still ready to make a difference.  Confidence will be multiplied by the Santiago Bernabeu fulcrum.

On the other side of the front line, Osasuna was showing an extremely stubborn face.  After 5 rounds, no names have defeated this rookie yet.  In particular, they also made Barcelona to share points.

However, the Catalan giants this season are having problems on their travels.  Moreover, besides this achievement, the remaining performances of them are not very impressive.

 Osasuna frequently gathered the majority of players before the penalty area to defend.  In other words, this is the best they can do.  Their options on the ball are quite monotonous and not effective.