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Matic reacts after news of a fight between him and Solskjaer

Nemanja Matic has said he has no problems with coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, despite the Manchester United midfielder not enjoying many minutes of play in this new Premier League season.

The Serbian midfielder has lost his place in Manchester United's first line-up this season, after the 31-year-old made his first appearance by stepping out of the bench last week.

He did not even come off the bench in the first three games of the 2019/20 season, but played in the final 22 minutes of the last game against Southampton, which ended 1-1 at St.Mary's.

As Solskjaer prefers to play midfield with doubles midfielder Paul Pogba - Scott McTominay, Matic's future has been in doubt, even some English media have reported a breakdown in the relationship between the footballer and coach.

Speaking ahead of Serbia's match against Portugal, as part of qualifying for the 2020 European Championship, Matic - who moved from Chelsea in 2017 - said he has no problem with the Norwegian coach.

"I work as hard as I can and I respect decisions.  It is up to me to prove to him that he is wrong and that he must return me where I belong, "said Matic.

 “We have no problem.  "I told him I disagree with him, but that he has to choose the team himself."

“I've been in football for a long time.  "I've played in almost every game of all the clubs I've been to in the last ten years."

"In order for me to play, someone else would have to sit on the bench and accept that fact and the same applies to me.  The coach has to choose the team that will fight for the title and if he does not win then the responsibility is on him. "