Mysterious places where people are disappearing for no reason

Highway 16 Canada

There are some places in the world that continue to carry mysteries as people continue to disappear there. Many people have lost their footprint in these places and no one is able to explain.

Here are some of the places where extinction remains a mystery:

The Bermuda Triangle is the first place that comes to our mind when it comes to the disappearances of humans.
The Bermuda Triangle
Disappearances follow, traces of ships are never found.

The triangle in Michigan, located between Michigan and Wiscons, USA

Sea Sargasso, in the Atlantic Ocean the place of ghost ships.  In 1872 a ship was found desolate, no one knows what happened to the crew.
Ghost Ship

Lake Superior in the US, the site where several extinctions were recorded.
Lake Superior
Highway 16 Canada, where many young women have mysteriously disappeared. 
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