New York Jets: NFL 2019 - AFC East

With a rookie quarterback, over-attack turnovers and an inefficient defense against ground play, the Jets ended their worst AFC East campaign for the third year in a row. The team has not reached the playoffs since the 2009-10 season. 

For the second straight, the Jets were the team that made the most investments in free agency, with 21 contracts totaling $ 226.6M1. The team strengthened on both sides, bringing Ravens linebacker CJ Mosley on a five-year contract to lead the defense and former steelers Le'Veon Bell, who struck last season on a four-year contract. years. Jamison Crowder is a name to reinforce the now second-quarterback Sam Darnold's group of recipients and Brian Poole is an upgrade as Nickel's cornerback, where the team suffered from Buster Skrine (Bears) last season. In the draft, he sought to strengthen the inside of the defensive line, which had trouble holding back ground play last year by selecting defensive tackle Quinnen Williams with the 3rd overall draft pick.  
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