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PL Burnley Analysis

The round against Norwich has created one of the biggest shocks in the English Premier League since the beginning of the season. Despite facing the defending champion Man City, Norwich still play confidently and bravely to win with a score of 3-2. The ability to play counterattack, to take advantage of the opponent's mistake is a very respectable weapon that Norwich owns.

Norwich owns striker Teemu Pukki - the top scorer of the English Premier League last season (29 goals and is ranked 3rd in the English Premier League this season with 6 goals in 5 matches. Pukki has scored 1 goal, creating 1 goal when Against Man City, he scored twice in a match against Chelsea in the third round and "opened an account" this season with a goal against Liverpool in the first round.

However, it is worth noting that Pukki was completely caught dead in the match against West Ham in round 4. The ability to run smart is Pukki's powerful weapon but it can only promote the maximum effect. when the opponent engages in attack and exposes the gaps in the defense. In other words, Norwich does not promise to win good results against rivals.