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PL Crystal Palace Analysis

Wolves seems to be following Burnley's footsteps last season.  The thin force makes the Wolves are really struggling to maintain their style in the period of constantly rotating for the two Premier League and the Europa League.

On 20/9, Wolves were defeated by Sporting Braga with a score of 0-1 at home in the first leg of the European Cup Cup group stage.  It was the third consecutive defeat of Jota and his teammates in all competitions including the score and Asian handicap.  In the Premier League, Wolves have not won yet after 5 matches, they currently rank 19th on the standings with only 3 points.

Last season, Wolves were the star of the team in the Top 6. However, when facing teams of the same level as Crystal Palace, Wolves did not show the effectiveness.  The latest confrontation, despite being kicked at home, Wolves was still defeated by Crystal Palace 0-2.  At the present time, it is even more difficult to expect Wolves to have a point before Crystal Palace.

 Because in addition to the disadvantage of being a guest, Wolves also has fewer than 5 days of competition.  Wolves' last match as stated took place at dawn 20/9, which means they have less than 3 days to prepare for the 6th round of the Premier League.  In the previous 5 Crystal Palace encounters in every arena, Wolves also lost up to 4 matches.