PL Newcastle Analysis

This season is expected to be extremely difficult for both Newcastle and Brighton, and the fact that the first rounds have proved somewhat of that data. Newcastle only won 4 points and temporarily ranked 18th while Brighton was slightly better with 5 points and ranked 16th.

Because of the rankings and the current score of the two sides, today's match results are very important, the winner will probably break out of the dangerous group. Newcastle have a home advantage in this match, but they do not receive many positive signals from investors. Initially when it appeared on the market, the ratio was at 1/4 of Newcastle's handicap, but gradually the main handicap level was pulled back to 0: 0.

Having the advantage of home turf but "stingballs" only own such a rate, they are obviously not a viable option. After the surprise victory against Tottenham, Newcastle thought that they would be better, but they showed a disappointed face when they were drawn at the bottom of the Watford table at St. James's Park and then lost to Liverpool despite taking the lead.