PL Spurs Analysis

Leicester started the season quite impressively with 4 consecutive games unbeaten. They drew against tough opponents like Wolves and Chelsea in the first two matches, before defeating Sheffield United and Bournemouth in the next rounds. However, the sublimation circuit of "Foxes" stopped in the previous round, when receiving the minimum defeat in the trip to the MU field.

The first defeat to be received in the new season caused the former Premier League king in the 2015/16 season to be knocked out of the Top 3 and currently ranked 5th in the rankings with 8 points. The difference from the second place is only 2 points and the opportunity for the King Power team to compete for the position is entirely feasible if you win the match early this evening.

However, this will not be a simple challenge for Leicester players, because their opponent is Tottenham, one of the big players of the Premier League. Currently, Tottenham is also having the same score as the home team, but temporarily stands above because of the difference in goal difference. Therefore, this match is very important for both sides.