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PL West Ham Analysis

September for MU was a bit prosperous with two consecutive victories in the Premier League and Europa League against Leicester City and Astana respectively.  Even so, the victory with lucky colors with the score of 1-0 is not enough for fans to be satisfied.  Thus, the students of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer only got 2 victories in the first 5 rounds in the Premier League, thereby having 8 points and ranked 4th in the rankings.

There are still many doubts on Solsjkaer's side and their task is to prove with good results in the upcoming appearances.  Being a guest on West Ham's field is not too big a challenge, but the Reds face force problems when they do not have the strongest squad.  Specifically, their defense is missing the services of Eric Bailly and Luke Shaw, while Pogba's ability to play is still open.  In addition, the away record of MU is also very bad when there has been no victory in all 6 trips away from home in the nearest official matches.

On the other side, since losing to Man City, West Ham is gradually becoming stable.  Currently, West Ham have gone through 5 games without losing so far.  At this time, teachers and coach Manuel Pellegrini are ranked 8th in the rankings after 2 victories, 2 draws and only 1 defeat.  They even got the same score as the away team and only lost in goal difference.  Obviously, West Ham is an opponent that MU can not overlook in this operation.

 Confrontation history is leaning on Man Utd with 5 wins in the last 10 matches against West Ham, the rest only lost 2 matches.  In the last 5 marches to London Stadium, MU also won 2 matches, drew 1 and lost 2. However at this point, there is no certainty that MU will continue to do well against this opponent.  It is not too much to say that the London Stadium team has reason to be confident in welcoming MU tonight.  They have a good performance, home advantage and psychological play more comfortable than the MU players who are under great pressure from the previous bad matches.