Cristiano Ronaldo has launched a campaign in search of a woman named Edna who works at McDonald's after feeding his a hamburger as a child.

The 34-year-old player joined Piers Morgan in an interview last night to show a little of his past that was not easy at all.

 The five-time Golden Ball winner has revealed that when he was a child he was very hungry and had begged a woman named Edna to offer him a hamburger from McDonald's.

 “We were a little hungry.  We had McDonald's near the stadium and we knocked on the door asking for a hamburger, "Ronaldo revealed.

“There was always a woman named Edna and two other girls.  I've never been able to find them, "the Juventus star added.

Ronaldo has revealed that the restaurant is closed, but that he is constantly asking people in Portugal about Edna