San Francisco 49ers: NFL 2019 - NFC West

With Kyle Shanahan as head coach and Jimmy Garoppolo as quarterback, the 49ers had expectations of fighting for the division title, but Garoppolo was injured in week 03 and the defense was a disaster throughout the campaign, with the team having a poor year and only one. not finishing last in the division because the Cardinals were even worse and won only 3 games. 

The biggest reinforcement of the attack is a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo, but the 49ers also increased depth in the running back group, bringing in Tevin Coleman, who worked with Kyle Shanahan on the Falcons. GM John Lynch's big focus, however, was to improve defense in the offseason, with the industry coming out of a very bad season. Kwon Alexander and Jason Verrett arrived at the free agency and the team arranged an exchange with the Kansas Chiefs for Dee Ford, which should improve the pass-rush. With the 2nd overall pick of the last draft, the team selected Nick Bosa to strengthen the defensive line, the team also sought a new punter and more targets for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. 

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