Serie A: Inter Milan

Serie A this season is waiting and expected to be more dramatic, more attractive when Inter Milan are rising strongly and ready to break the unique position of Juventus. Up to now, the Nerazzurri is the only club to have won in Serie A, but they have not been able to break up completely because the tournament has only passed a few rounds and Juventus have just lost one game.

The old lady won the early match against Brescia and put enormous pressure on Antonio Conte's students. Inter have been pushed down to 2nd in the table and if they cannot get points in this match, they will lose the leading position that they have held since the beginning of the season. The challenge for the Milan blue-and-white striped team today is not simple, as opponent Lazio is also in the top 5.
Not only that, the recent confrontation history shows that Lazio is a difficult opponent for Inter. Statistics show that the last 10 meetings between the two sides are equal when each team has 4 victories. At Giuseppe Meazza, Inter have had 4 consecutive games not being able to beat Lazio, including the last 3 matches under Serie A.

Looking at such confrontation, many people will think that Inter will not win this match. But AEGoal experts believe in the Nerazzurri. Inter have made quality additions last summer and they also show the appearance of the challenger Juventus. The victory over AC Milan at the Milan derby over the weekend is a testament to the fact that Inter have become much more brave in major battles.
In addition, the writer rated Inter's draw in this match as satisfactory. Remember the last 3 times to Lazio at Giuseppe Meazza, Inter are not as appreciated as today when only accept 1/4 is the same. In addition, Lazio also has many uncertainties and defeats to Spal 2 rounds ago or the loss to CFR Cluj in the Europa League that makes the writer do not trust them. 
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