Serie A: Juventus

After 3 rounds of downloading the Italian league, Juventus only got 7 points and the 3rd place on the table, this is considered a slow start of teachers and coach Maurizio Sarri. Obviously, the change on the bench with a new philosophy has a significant impact on the way the Turin team plays.

In the middle of last week, with Atletico Madrid's 2-2 draw in the opening round of the UEFA Champions League, Juventus continued to show unresolved issues during this period. However, it is not difficult to recognize that the opponents that Mrs. Lao has encountered recently are not pleasant names, not to mention that most of them have to play away, so the results are not as satisfactory. .

In the next round, with returning to the home round to welcome Verona, fans of the black and white striped shirt team have reason to wait for a spectacular performance of the home team. It should be known that, at home this season, Juventus has just played one match, which is a 4-3 victory over Napoli in the second round, before that in Serie A 2018/19, they also won 15 and drew only 4 after 19 matches at his "home". 
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