Serie A Juventus Analysis

Despite not being too impressive, the minimum victory in Udinese's recent trip helped Brescia get the second victory after 4 rounds in Serie A this season. Good results help the rookie are very confident in the ability of the team to relegate, although they will face great difficulties in the next round when they welcome defending champion Juventus.

The difference between the two teams is not only shown by the level of difference at the present time, but the confrontation statistics are also showing the superiority of Lao She with the victory on 6/8 last meeting. Although there were difficulties in the first rounds, Juventus still saw the bravery of a team that won 8 consecutive Scudetto titles.

Over the weekend, the Turin team must have a very hard time to be able to go upstream when hosting a much weaker opponent like Verona. Before that, they also had a weak draw, even luckily against Fiorentina, so it can be seen that Juventus under Maurizio Sarri no longer shows superiority over the rest of the tournament like the seasons.