Serie A : Napoli

To be played at home and in good shape, so a victory will be difficult to escape from the reach of Napoli players in the next match.  After 4 matches in Serie A, Napoli won 9 points and they ranked 3rd in the rankings.  In particular, the attack of Napoli plays very well, when they have scored 13 goals (the most), it is clear that Napoli is the team that should be waiting in this season.

The opponent of Napoli in the next match is Cagliari not to be overestimated.  Football statistics statistics, the last 5 times confronted with Cagliari, Napoli have won.  It can be seen that at present, Cagliari is hard to make a surprise against Napoli.

Napoli players under coach Carlo Ancelotti are seeing a certain improvement in the way the system works, they play wiser and especially know how to punish the opponent's mistake.  Demonstrating a match against the Champions League champion Liverpool recently, Napoli excelled in a 2-0 victory.  That shows, Napoli is not easy to play.

On the opposite side, Cagliari has a pretty good performance compared to the strength of this team.  The last 4 matches Cagliari got 6 points and ranked 9th in the standings.  However, having to make a guest against the Napoli players is extremely high, 1 failure is inevitable for the Cagliari players.