Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NFL 2019 - NFC South

The Buccaneers were a sensation at the beginning of last season, winning their first two games with Ryan Fitzpatrick from over 400 yards in both matches, but the fragility of the defense soon became evident and the team fell a lot. Jameis Winston returned from suspension and resumed his position as titular quarterback. The Buccaneers have won just 5 games of the season for the second consecutive season and finished again in last position at NFC South. 

The biggest change for the team this season is a new head coach, the team fired Dirk Koetter and hired Bruce Arians for the role. The team had the worst defense in the league last season and the sector was the team's focus in the offseason, with the team having selected several defenders in the last draft, as well as signing with Ndamukong Suh and Shaquil Barrett; linebacker Kwon Alexander, one of the team's main defenders. In the attack, Adam Humphries, DeSean Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick came out. 

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