Over the years, Everton have not been able to reach the goal of squeezing into the top 6 strongest teams in the English Premier League.  This season, their determination is evident through the strong investment in the transfer market.  But so far, there is no sign that their fans can expect this goal.  After the first 6 rounds, the Merseyside team got 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, gaining 7 points and temporarily ranked 14th on the table.

Everton have just won 2-0 against Sheffield Wednesday in the League Cup, thereby ending the previous 2-match losing series.  However, in the Premier League arena alone, this team has lost 2 rounds in a row.  They are desperate to end this series of gloomy matches, but that will be very difficult because in this round, the opponent that Everton must face is defending champion Man City.

In the last round, Man City won a devastating victory of 8-0 against Watford and immediately went on to win a 3-goal unbeaten goal against Preston North End in the League Cup.  As such, the Manchester blue team won 5/6 previous matches in all competitions, while keeping 4 clean sheets of them.  However, they are still inferior in the championship race this season when Liverpool are still 5 points behind Liverpool.

Therefore, coming to Everton's field in the 7th round, the goal of Manchester City is nothing but victory to chase the Merseyside red half team.  In this match, although there is no advantage on the pitch, the superiority of Everton helps Man Blue to absolute absolute confidence of the professionals.  In the last 3 times the two teams met, Man City is also holding a winning record regardless of whether they are away or away.