UCL Atalanta Analysis

In addition to Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta, Group C also has the presence of Shakhtar Donetsk and Man City.  Looking at the current correlation, one of the two passports in the eighth round is difficult to escape Man City.  That means, the remaining ticket is a three-way battle between Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta and Shakhtar Donetsk.

Under these circumstances, Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta understood, the result of a direct confrontation in the early morning tomorrow greatly affected their chances of going forward.  In the trading market, Atalanta is the name arranged to play the upper door.  However, compared to the beginning, the handicap for the Italian team decreased from 0: 1/2 to 0: 1/4.

That is a very inactive signal to the army of coach Gian Piero Gasperini.  In fact, there are not many signs that Atalanta will overcome the above handicap.  Firstly, despite being a Serie A representative, Atalanta's Champions League experience is almost zero. Besides, the current performance is also a obstacle for Gasperini's teachers and students.

 Although Serie A 2019/20 has just passed the third round, Atalanta has once tasted bitter fruits.  Second, Dinamo Zagreb is maintaining very high stability in Maksimir.  According to statistics, the last time the Croatian team lost at home was in November 2018.  During the aforementioned period, they received 6 guests at the European Cup and were unbeaten with a 5, 1 draw.