Leverkusen and Lokomotiv Moscow are in Group D UEFA Champions League this season with rivals Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Of course Juventus and Atletico Madrid are more appreciated but Leverkusen and Lokomotiv Moscow are all capable teams, if they take the opportunity they can absolutely win tickets to the knockout round.The immediate opportunity belongs to Leverkusen when they are playing at home in the opening match of Group D. The last two matches Leverkusen disappointed when Hoffenheim held 0-0 at home and lost to Dortmund 0-4 on away. Meanwhile Lokomotiv Moscow are unbeaten in 5 of the last 6 matches. But Leverkusen still has great confidence in the ability to win in the next 90 minutes of competition.

The proof is shown by the house that Leverkusen accepts -1 1/4 according to Asian rafters and accommodation options for homeowners fluctuate down from the morning of 17/9. In contrast, the accommodation of selected Lokomotiv Moscow +1 1/4 tends to increase. The market balance is tilted toward Leverkusen and knowing that in the confrontation in 2014, Leverkusen only accepted -3/4 under Asian contracts, the upper door in this reunion appears even more bright.