UCL PSG Analysis

PSG and Real Madrid are the two bright candidates for the ticket to go on in Group A Champions League this year.  Therefore, the encounter between the two teams is considered to be the early final of this group.  PSG has regained its unique position in the Ligue 1 rankings with a series of 3 consecutive victories.  However, the recent victories of teachers and coach Thomas Tuchel are not too convincing, they often have difficulty in the defense of the majority of the opponent so they only win with just enough scores.

Currently, in the domestic league, PSG almost no opponents, they are looking forward to the prestigious Champions League championship.  That ambition is reflected in the enormous amount of wealthy Qatari tycoons poured into the transfer market, but the results have not been satisfactory.  The best achievement of the new PSG is to reach the quarterfinals and this year, PSG will have to overcome many obstacles if you want to go further in this fierce arena.  In terms of form, PSG won 5/6 recent matches, and won the last 5 home matches in all competitions.

Right at the opening of the Champions League this season, PSG had to clash with Real Madrid, the team with a long track record of achievements in the European arena that PSG might have dreamed of.  Last summer, Vultures also invested significantly in the transfer market, most notably Eden Hazard.  However, this team just won 2 wins and drew the remaining 2 matches in the first 3 rounds, before the lower projection teams like Levante, Celta Vigo or Valladolid.  This is disappointing for the fans, but they still have much hope in the C1 cup.