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UCL Spurs Analysis

Olympiakos are doing very well in the Greek Championship this season with a record of winning all the first 3 rounds.  Although it is only before the much weaker teams like Asteras, Larissa or Volos, this achievement still helps Olympiakos to be assured of the domestic tournament to focus on the European arena.  Although not a team that is overestimated in Europe, Olympiakos is also regularly present in the UEFA Champions League group stage and has a lot of experience playing in this arena.

This year, Olympiakos also excelled in beating three rivals Viktoria Plzen, Istanbul Basaksehir and Krasnodar to be in the most prestigious group stage in Europe.  Their form is also quite good with a series of 8 consecutive games unbeaten in every arena.  However, when it began to enter the group stage, everything became difficult for Olympiakos when falling into the group with annoying names like Tottenham or Bayern Munich.  Therefore, it will not be surprising when experts underestimate the ability of the Greek representatives to win in today's match.

On the other side, with the runner-up position last season, Tottenham showed that they were really molt at the hands of coach Pochettino.  Moreover, they are having a spectacular revival in recent times.  The return of the pillars immediately brought prosperity to the Cockerel with a jubilant 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace in the English Premier League, helping them relieve pressure before the Champions League.  Previously, Pochettino teachers and coaches had 3 consecutive games without knowing the smell of victory.