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UEL Celtic FC Analysis

Last  season Rennes played not so impressive in Ligue 1 and only finished the season with 10th place. But it was Rennes who shocked the team when they suddenly overtook PSG to win the cup. France, which has a ticket to attend the Europa League. With the strength of an average team in France, Rennes will have to put a lot of effort in the second largest arena in Europe this season. The big turmoil of forces in the summer seems to be bringing positive signals to this team.

Specifically, Rennes is currently 2nd in the Ligue 1 table this season with 10 points after 5 rounds and only 2 points behind PSG. They had 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 5 appearances. In the Europa League, Rennes understands that they need to get rid of the scores in the first series if they do not want to suffer nothing after the group stage is closed because the group they have in the presence of Lazio. However, in this first match, the French representative was not appreciated for the ability to win against Celtic. 

Compared to Celtic, Rennes is inferior in terms of experience in the continental arena, moreover, Celtic's performance is also much better than the host. Specifically, Celtic is currently leading the rankings with 15 points obtained after 5 rounds. Last 6 appearances in all competitions, Celtic won all 6 and scored up to 14 goals. Although the trip to Rennes - the team was not as easy to bully as before, signaling difficult challenges for Celtic, but they are still more appreciated thanks to their good performance and determination. .