Millwall vs CCFC

Although having to play away, but before a fallen opponent like Millwall, Cardiff is still full of chances to win the upcoming competition.

This year's Championship evaluation is showing the rigor when both the relegation and promotion are competing very fiercely and fiercely.  Therefore, just a little mistake in any match will make the tournament quickly change.

Millwall are having a terrible new season performance, they have only won 3 victories, 5 draws and have to receive 4 defeats.  It was this catastrophic record that made them fall to 17th place in the rankings.  Currently, the gap between the home team and the relegation group is only 5 points.

The current situation is very detrimental to Millwall, if they do not soon shock the spirit of the players, it is likely that this team will soon have to join the relegation race this season.  Meeting Cardiff at home is considered a great challenge for them.

Cardiff is one of the names that have to come down to the Championship this year, after a season of disaster in the Premier League they have not shown much sign of stability again.  The team's spectacular performance made the visitors ranked 11th in the rankings with the football score of 17 points earned.

Based on the situation at the Championship now, it can be seen that the opportunity to return to the highest playing field in England of Cardiff is not much.  The teachers and coach of Warnock will have to make more efforts, marching to the dwindling Millwall's yard will be a victory for the guests. 

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