Aston Villa vs BHAFC

On the current Premier League rankings, Aston Villa are in 15th place, 1 point more than the red light group (8 compared to 7).  This is definitely not a positive achievement for Dean Smith teachers and students.  However, they are sending positive signals in recent rounds.

Specifically, in the last 2 rounds, Aston Villa held Burnlesy (2-2) and won a convincing 5-1 victory over Norwwich.  The main attack is the highlight of the Villa Park team when scoring up to 7 goals in the two matches mentioned above.

On the other side of the battle line, although they suddenly won against Tottenham, they did not appreciate it.  In fact, the army of Coach Graham Potter played quite erratically.  Remember, they have not won before.  On the chart, Brighton also ranks only on the opponent 1 step with 1 point more.

The two teams also just met in the English Cup, Brighton also lost to their opponents at home.  Therefore, in the context of being a guest, it is difficult for them to leave the pitch of Aston Villa with only 1 point. 
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