Barca vs VAL

With the Spanish Super Classic match being postponed over the weekend, Barcelona had more time to relax after Slavia Prague's trip to the UEFA Champions League group stage.  In the middle of this week, teachers and coaches of Valverde just returned to the reception of Valladolid in round 11.

Now with 19 points after nine matches, Barcelona are in second place in the table and only 1 point behind Granada's leading team and playing less than 1 match.  Therefore, a victory over Valladolid will help the Catalan team continue to chase opponents, even have the opportunity to regain the top.  With his own strength, the task of winning 3 points is not too difficult for teachers and coach Valverde.

In addition to the superior level, at the moment Barcelona is also showing stability when it has won all of the past 6 matches, of which up to 4 belong to the Spanish league.  Moreover, in the next match, the Catalan team will also be playing at home, so know that, at the Camp Nou, they are maintaining the winning record after 5 matches from the beginning of the season as well as winning the maximum points in both  6 times welcomed Valladolid nearest.

With what has shown, it is clear that Barcelona's goal of 3 points is not too difficult, but to win easily or not is another story knowing that the other side of the battle line, Valladolid is showing himself.  not an easy opponent to bully with quite positive performances from the beginning of the season, though not appreciated. 

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