Birmingham vs BORO


Both Birmingham and Middlesbrough are in bad shape at the moment.  In the last 3 rounds, Birmingham and Middlesbrough could not get the victory.  Meeting at this time is an opportunity for one of the two teams to get points at the present time.

The defense is a huge problem for Birmingham at the moment.  In the early game, but the defense made too many errors, causing Birmingham to end the game with 1 defeat.  While Birmingham's attack was not sharp enough to make up for the shortage of downline teammates.

On the other side of the battle line, Middlesbrough's achievement is not much better.  Although Middlesbrough's defense is much better than Birmingham's, their strikers are blunt so they can bring the team to victory.  The last 3 matches Middlesbrough only scored 2 goals.

Despite playing at home, the belief for Birmingham is not too great.  Birmingham lost to Middlesbrough in the last 3 clashes.  The quality of Middlesbrough's squad is also better than Birmingham.  Having to make a deal makes Birmingham's chance of winning is not high.  Should believe for Middlesbrough in this match.

Both Birmingham and Middlesbrough have their own problems in this match.  Birmingham have only scored exactly 2 goals in the last 3 matches and on the other side of the battle line, Middlesbrough's achievement is quite similar.  Middlesbrough's fine defense also made this game difficult to explode.  Should follow fainting in this match. 
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