Bochum vs Bayern

With a fairly mediocre squad and the gameplay is not outstanding, Bochum is considered a weak team in Germany.  For eight years now they have not enjoyed the feeling of playing in the Bundesliga and probably do not know when they will be able to return to Germany's No. 1 playground.  Playing in the Second Division but Bochum also ranked 16th in the rankings.  Even during the past 11 rounds, Bochum has only won 1 match.  That said, to see the performance of this team is very poor regardless of the arena.

Particularly in the German Cup, after having to stop from the first round against the unknown team Weiche Flensburg (1-0 loss) last season, this season Bochum was quite better when he can participate in the second round, for  Although it has been very hard to overcome Baunatal, the team currently playing in the 5th division. Here, Bochum will face super strong opponent Bayern Munich, the ability for Bochum to do miracles in the match.  This is almost zero.

On the side of Bayern Munich, they are the defending champion of the National Cup.  In the last decade, this team has never stopped before the semi-finals in this arena.  Currently, after the start of the season in a rather misleading way, Bayern Munich has found stability and return to being themselves.  This season, they have lost only 1 game, the rest have 5 wins and 3 draws.  Coach Niko Kovac teachers and students did well in the playground they participated.  In the Bundesliga, Bayern is ranked 2nd on the standings, behind M'gladbach phenomenon which is driving the tournament this year.  Or in the Champions League, the Gray Lobster wins Crvenda Zvezda 3-0, Tottenham 7-2 and the nearest Olympiakos. 

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