Bolton vs Blackpool

With only 3 draws remaining, losing 6 matches over the first 9 rounds, Bolton Wanderers is located in the bottom area of ​​the rankings, what is showing no surprise when coach and coach Keith Hill competes.  fights deceleration and has to relegate last season.  LBolton Wanderers difficult to avoid defeat against Blackpool who is playing vigorously.

On the other side of the battle line, Blackpool is playing very stable in the early stages of the season when it has just received 2 defeats, in addition to the recent 3-match unbeaten circuit, helped the students of coach Simon Grayson temporarily rise to the position.  6th place in the rankings.  The current form is quite good, in the next match, Blackpool can confidently win a good match against Bolton Wanderers who are in decline.

Not only did the team perform poorly, but the Reebok Stadium team could not take advantage of their yard, Keith Hill's team had not won in every arena in 8 home games.  recently.  Therefore, despite being determined to win the next match, to be able to defeat Blackpool has only lost 1/6 of the away match since the beginning of the season is really too difficult for the home team Reebok Stadium. 
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