Boxing: Josh Warrington vs Sofiane Takoucht

Before their fight on Saturday, IBF World Champion Josh Warrington and challenger Sofiane Takoucht were weighed today.

The First District Arena in Leeds will be upside down once again tomorrow morning when local hero Josh Warrington (29-0-0, 6 KOs) joins the ring to defend his championship title for the third time.  The 28-year-old strikes Frenchman Sofiane Takoucht (35-3-1, 13 KOs) after a very close points victory over compatriot Kid Galahad.  This is far less prominent than previous opponents, but can rely on an experience of almost 13 years of professional boxing.  Despite all this Warrington is the clear favorite here in the race - it should be a clear victory, before possibly even larger tasks on the "Leeds Warrior" wait.

First of all, today the weight hurdle had to be exceeded or, in this case, undercut.  The limit of 57.153 kg was then also for both athletes no problem, both Warrington and Takoucht remained below this requirement.  After a long staredown, the protagonists left the stage again and now fill up with the necessary energy before their meeting tomorrow.
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