Brighton vs EFC

Ranked 15th in the rankings with 10 points after 9 rounds, Everton is making his fans extremely disappointed.  Last season they finished in 8th place, so the bottom half of the table, and only 2 points more than the red light at this time made the port city team doubt about the relegation.  .  If not soon improve the achievement in the next round, the difficulties will be more and more for teachers and teachers Graham Potter because they are very close to the dangerous area.

In the last 5 rounds, Everton lost 4 matches.  From the City champions to the weak teams like Sheffield United or Burnley can subdue Everton.  A positive sign appeared when the team defeated West Ham United in the last round.  Fans are hoping this victory will open the impressive series of Everton in the near future.

In this round, Everton will have a trip to Brighton's yard.  This team is right behind Everton with a poorer score, meaning that danger is lurking around them every round.  In terms of form, Brighton is also very flat but still quite a bit better than Everton.  Specifically, the home team lost 2, drew 2 and won 1 of the last 5 rounds.  Worth mentioning, Brighton is very erratic, they can beat strong team Tottenham with a score of 3-0, but shortly after they received a 1-2 defeat against weak team Aston Villa. 

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