Bristol vs Charlton


If the West Brom are the storm at the Championship playground this year, when they are far ahead of their rivals behind them with a safe distance, the race to win the remaining promotion ticket is a fierce battle of 10.  remaining candidates.  The distance between the teams is very close, so just one failure will make the rankings change.

Bristol had impressive performances at the beginning of the season when consecutive good results, but their lack of depth squad revealed the weaknesses that this team played in the past.  .

Specifically, in the last 6 appearances, Bristol won only 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. This achievement made them fall to 9th place on the rankings with 20 points earned.  If the situation is not improved soon, it is likely that this team will soon be thrown out of the race to win promotion tickets.

In the next round, Bristol will have a meeting with strong opponent Charlton at home.  This is expected to be a difficult game for them.

On the other side of the battle line, after unconvincing matches, Charlton dropped his agency for the race to 2nd place in the rankings.  This makes their fans worry about the future of the team.

Fortunately, Charlton was quickly shocked and won the last important points to continue to maintain the hope of winning the remaining promotion ticket.  Traveling to Bristol's home field will be an opportunity for them to prove their ambition. 

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