Bristol vs WAFC

Bristol City made an impressive start to the Championship this season with 23 points after 13 rounds.  With this score, teachers and students Lee Johnson is ranked 6th on the table, only 4 points lower than the top team West Brom.  If they beat Wigan tonight, they will climb up to 2nd place in the rankings.

This is an important goal for Bristol City.  Plus the home advantage, they deserve to be ranked by the house at the top door with a ratio of 0: 1/2 when welcoming Wigan, the team is 19th with 14 points.

Compared to Wigan, Bristol City is clearly better than this season.  After 13 rounds, Lee Johnson's teachers and students lost only 2 matches.  In terms of performance according to Asian ratios, they also only have 3 times to disappoint Asian investors.  In particular, in the last 2 home games, Bristol City has triumphal track with a handicap of 0: 1/2.  Previously, with the same handicap, teachers and students Lee Johnson also overcome QPR with a score of 2-0.

Meanwhile, Wigan has not made a significant breakthrough in the last group of the table.  After the home match against Nottingham, Paul Cook's teachers lost to Derby County away.  All 3 Wigan wins in the Championship this season are home games.  In 7 trips, they lost to 6 in both professional and Asian ratios.

Notably, in the 5 away games ranked at the lower door with a ratio of 0: 1/2, Wigan had 4 matches that disappointed Asian investors.  So, before the opponent is in need of points to make a breakthrough in the leading group like Bristol City, Paul Cook teachers and students are hard to make a surprise. 

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