Bundesliga: Bayern Munich

The Bundesliga has gone through 4 rounds and the predictions of a difficult season with the "gray lobster" Bayern are gradually coming true. After 4 matches, the most traditional rich club in the tournament has had to split points twice and currently only ranked 5th in the rankings. Meanwhile, Cologne (in this article I will use the name FC Koln for convenience) in the return to the Bundesliga this season is facing a lot of difficulties.

The rookie of the tournament has only 1 victory on the field of Freiburg and is currently tucked away at the red light area. Though after that Freiburg victory, Koln will prosper but the NHM team quickly realized that Koln's strength was quite weak. In general, what Koln performed from the beginning of the season made the fans unable to trust this team.

Calculated, after 4 rounds, Koln had 3 times collapsed before the handicap barrier and a little further, they lost the match to the last 6/7 matches. The weakness of FC Koln is what was predicted by the professional before this season kicked off because they lacked quality enhancements. For Bayern, on the other hand, the "gray lobster" possesses a strong and uniform force throughout the lines. 
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