Cardiff City vs SWFC

Looking at the performances of Cardiff in the Championship, one has not seen the ambition to return to the Premier League.  They could not extend the winning chain to number 2.

However, too high expectations in a relegated new club and have a small financial potential is quite a luxury.  On the other hand, defeating them is also very difficult.  Recently, only a strong West Brom and leading the table can only end the series of 5 unbeaten matches of this team.
Looking back on those 90 minutes, it can be said that Cardiff played extremely resilient.  Having to make guests and be led up to 3 goals, many people thought that this club would break and lose more.

But no, the last 15 minutes of the match was the time they put tremendous pressure on the host.  As a result, 2 goals were scored.  Only the sublimation helped West Brom retain 3 points.

Apparently, the spirit of the Cardiff players playing still remained.  With the back of the yard, they are ready to return.  Be aware, Cardiff City Stadium is not an easy place to go.

Across the front line, the performance of Sheffield Wednesday recently has been extremely unstable.  They may have sublimated in the previous match but proved to be deadlocked immediately afterwards.  The defeat of Middlesbrough with a score of 4-1 but a weak defeat against Hull City is the most obvious evidence.

On the other hand, Cardiff's home ground has never been a pleasant place for guests.  The last time they won here was in 2007.

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