Chelsea vs NUFC

Over 8 rounds of the Premier League this season, Chelsea got 14 points, ranked fifth in the final table and only inferior to the top 4 by the sub-index.  On the Newcastle side, they ranked 16th with 8 points, two steps higher than the "red light" group.  In round 9, Chelsea have a great opportunity to earn three points when they meet Newcastle at home.

Victory for Chelsea seems to be undisputed.  In addition to the "advantage" factor, they also own good performance thanks to 4 consecutive wins.  Besides, there is a remarkable achievement in the past years.  Evidence, the Blues won to 5/6 times the last time to encounter Newcastle.

Not only three points, a victory with a difference on a table is also within the ability of Chelsea to conquer.  According to the Chelsea vs Newcastle bookie, the Stamford Bridge team accepts -1 1/2 in terms of betting and can completely overcome this ratio.  The basis for trusting Chelsea comes from two reasons.

Firstly, Chelsea possess good attacking quality when scoring up to 15 goals after only 4 recent appearances.  This will help Lampard's army easily dominate and subdue an Newcastle who are losing 2 consecutive away games with a gap (1-3 against Liverpool and 0-5 against Leicester City).

Second, Chelsea often know how to make good use of their home advantage to beat Newcastle with a difference on a table.  Evidence is that in 7 times to meet this opponent at Stamford Bridge from 2012/13 season to date, The Blues have won and won 6 million, of which overcoming "shots" from two or more goals. 
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