Cleveland Browns: NFL 2019 - AFC North

After not winning any games in 2017, the Browns showed a big improvement last season, especially after the resignation of head coach Hue Jackson in week 08, with the team going 5-3 W / L after the coach's departure. The defense was very strong and Baker Mayfield had a great freshman season, making Browns one of the teams with the highest expectations for this season. 

Prepared to compete for the playoffs following an excellent final stretch last season, the Browns hit a blockbuster with the Giants, bringing wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and linebacker Olivier Vernon to bolster the team. The team also offered a big contract to DT Sheldon Richardson and signed with Kareem Hunt, dismissed from the Chiefs for extra-field problems last season and who will only be able to reinforce the team from week 9, being suspended for the league in the first eight games. In the draft, the focus was to bring depth to the defense, especially the linebacker group and the secondary, the team also selected a kicker, who will compete with. 
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