CONCACAF Nations League is the new league of North Central American & Caribbean football.  The format of this tournament is similar to the UEFA Nations League when the teams are divided into several divisions and have tickets for promotion and relegation. 

The US competes in A-rank, is in Group A with Canada and Cuba.  The United States has not played a match, while Cuba and Canada have met each other twice.  Canada is leading with 6 absolute points after 2 matches so that is the motivation for the US towards victory in the upcoming 90 minutes of competition.

The top team will win tickets to the semi-finals so the United States certainly will not let Canada take No. 1 easily.  The goal difference against Canada created after the two confrontations with Cuba is +7, so the US will try to score as many goals against Cuba, certainly.

In the previous 7 encounters with Cuba, the US achieved all-out results, including 6 matches creating a gap of 2 or more goals, 5 wins with a difference of 3 goals.  There were disappointments when the United States lost to Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final in early July and the CONCACAF Nations League was the tournament for the Flower Flag team to regain confidence in their fans.

The best American players are recruiting in this rally.  This soon showed determination to the best results of Christian Pulisic and his teammates.  Of course, there are still doubts about America's ability to win Asian handicaps in the upcoming match.  But knowing that Cuba has lost its last 4 consecutive games on the handicap, doubts probably aren't much.

Asian markets between USA and Cuba as of October 10 have not been officially listed on the exchange.  However, based on European indicators, it can be understood that the US accepts at least -4 1/2 or more in this match.  Previously, when confronting Cuba (6 matches), the US only accepted the deepest to -3 1/2 in the same index.  That soon showed that the upper door was a safe choice in this rematch. 

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