Crystal Palace vs MCFC

This season, Man City proved quite weak in the championship race with Liverpool. While the great rival is still maintaining impressive results with 8 consecutive victories at the top of the table, Man City has received 2 defeats and 1 draw. With unsatisfactory results happening continuously, Man City is currently 8 points behind The Kop. This made the fans of the Premier League champion extremely disappointed.

The disappointment was even greater when two weeks ago, City had to take a 2-0 defeat to Wolverhampton and it was also the first defeat of the blue shirt team after 12 home games in the Premier League, co. The end of the unbeaten series of 21 home matches including 20 victories and 1 draw in all competitions. Whereas before, Green Man had never received 2 consecutive losses at home during the last 2 seasons. This has touched the pride of Man City and in this round, although they have to play away from home, they are determined to regain the joy of winning after a sad defeat in the previous round.

On the other side, Crystal Palace is getting quite good achievements in the first round of this season. The home team Selhurst Park won 3, drew 1 in the last 5 matches and ranked 6th on the table with 14 points and 2 points behind Man City. This is a relatively good achievement compared to the strength of this team. The match against Manchester City will be the high dose reagent for Crystal Palace players.

In the past, Man City won 4, drew 1 and lost only 1 match in the last 6 times against Crystal Palace. Moreover, in terms of force, strength or bravery, Man City are also much appreciated than the home team. 2 weeks to make room for the national series was more than enough for the City players to ease their sadness and be ready to prove that the last defeat was just an accident. With determination to go up, Man City predicts a victory against Crystal Palace in this round-trip operation. 
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