Derby vs Wigan

Both Derby County and Wigan are showing poor performance up to the present time in the first-class English season.  Specifically, after 12 matches, Derby County is ranked in 15th place on the standings.  Derby County's defense is showing uncertainty and they need to improve this if they do not want to receive more unfortunate failures.

Although Derby County is not performing well, they play quite stable every time they are played at home, Derby County has been unbeaten in the last 3 home games, including 2 wins and  1 tie.  Obviously, with the cheers of the audience, coach Cocu's teachers and students seem to be empowered.  In the next round, Derby County will play at home to host Wigan and a victory is the goal that Derby County players set.

On the other side, Wigan is having worse performance than Derby County, when currently Wigan is ranked 20/24 in the rankings, if not soon change Wigan will likely join the race.  relegation since the season still has not gone 1/3 of the way.

Having to march to Derby County at this time is not a simple challenge for the Wigan players, especially when Wigan have lost 5/6 away matches.  Therefore, it is likely that Wigan will receive defeat in the next match. 

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