EURO 2020: Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ


Located in Group I with the presence of Russia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Scotland and San Marino, it is not surprising that Belgium is dominating this group. They dominated the top of the table with 6 wins, 19 goals and only conceded 1 goal. With so many superstars like Hazzard, De Bruyne, Lukaku in the squad, the European Red Devils display strength that is hard to overcome. Even, the same table with weaker opponents makes the army of coach Roberto MartΓ­nez still not really show his full strength. 

The meeting between Belgium and San Marino will be the most differential match of Euro 2020 qualifier because if Belgium is at the top, San Marino is at the bottom. This team is completely inferior in Group I and has even been called a point repository for other teams. There is nothing wrong with saying that because they do not have a point, not even a goal while having conceded 28 times. It is not uncommon for San Marino to have a round score of 0 after 6 rounds. In fact, this is understandable because this is the team of a very small country, having only participated in the World Championship since 1994 and have never passed the group stage.

Obviously, San Marino cannot match Belgium in any way, class, style, force or experience in the big arena. The differences between Belgium and San Marino have been evident in the past. In the last 5 times the two teams confronted, Belgium won all 5 matches, scoring 28 goals against San Marino. The last time they met was in the first leg of the group stage this year on the field of San Marino and the result was very predictable, San Marino lost with 4 goals.

At this meeting, the victory for Belgium is easy to predict, but only how many goals they will score. And the goal of San Marino is only to minimize the number of goals conceded on this field of this big man only. Since only the club faces the line, it is highly likely that Belgium will only launch the reserve team. However, it was more than enough for the Red Devils to crush the opponent, thereby adding 3 points and officially reaching the final round of the tournament next year. 
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