EURO 2020: Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡·

Croatia is currently top of Group E in the Euro 2020 qualifier. However, they are just over 2 names right after 1 point.  In the last 3 games, they have to win at least 2 more victories to keep the ticket going.

Recognizing the importance, coach Zlatko Dalic has summoned almost all the best quality elements.  They are the ones who helped Kockasti win the World Cup runner-up 2018.

Names like Luka Modrid, Ivan Rakitic or Ivan Perisic.  Of course, all three of these stars are no longer at their peak.  However, their peak experience in battle is still an extremely important factor to help the country's game play smoothly.

 In addition, the strength of Croatia's reputation in the past few years has never been so dependent on an individual.  Croatia vs Hungary found that what they often perform in matches is the cohesion of the collective.

On the other side of the battle line, Hungary defeated Croatia and Wales themselves to have a series of 3 wins in the Euro 2020 qualifier. However, that sublimation performance is no longer available.

They cannot win against Slovakia even if they enjoy the home ground.  The inefficiency in attacking arrangements is the cause.

In the first leg between the two sides, Hungary actually had to go through 90 minutes extremely difficult.  They were completely dominated by Croatia.  Only the ungainly of Modric and his teammates will help this country win.

When the sublimation was gone, the guests were just a mid-range power no less.  This is a great opportunity for the landlord to recover the loan he borrowed.  Should put their trust in them to get a deal with Croatia vs Hungary today.
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