EURO 2020: England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Up to this point, the England team is still showing a strength that is far superior to the rest of Group A of Euro qualifying this year. The last 4 matches were 4 games of the Three Lions with a total of 19 goals scored and only got 4 goals. Although there was still 1 match left, but England soon had the top spot with 3 points more than the underdog team, the Czech Republic. Therefore, it can be said that the ticket to go ahead as Group A is almost in the hands of England.

On the other side, the Czech Republic is right below England. Below them, Kosovo was feeling the heat as it continuously produced good results and was only 1 point behind the Czech Republic. Obviously, despite being second, the Czech Republic's position is not safe, so the score is what they really need. If you win against England today, the Czech Republic will get the same score as the Three Lions. However, at this point, 3 full points is a very difficult task for the home team players to complete.

Compared to the Czech Republic, England was superior in terms of force. While the Czech Republic does not have a prominent name in the squad, England has a talented generation with many notable names that are the pillars of the world's top clubs. In the defense there are Arnold, Maguire while on the offensive front there are too many quality names like Sterling, Kane, Abraham, Sancho, but the striker always knows how to impress each time he plays. Moreover, the Three Lions is also led by the talented young coach Southgate, who always knows how to motivate and give opportunities to young strikers.

Not only inferior in terms of force, the Czech Republic also faced great psychological pressure before pursuing Kosovo. In addition, in the past, the confrontation achievement was also tilted toward England when the Czech Republic had never won in 3 times the two teams had met before. Even the Czech Republic lost all 3 and the biggest defeat, 0-5, took place in March this year. With countless advantages, England is believed to win the majority of visitors coming here, thereby maintaining their top spot.

Although the performance is not bad, but if placed next to England, the Czech Republic is still very much inferior. Therefore, the ratio of peeling accept 1 left on Asian exchanges are expected to pass the Three Lions to a profitable players in this agreement. Besides, the attack of England is playing extremely explosive with a performance of 2.8 goals / game. On the other side, the Czech Republic also frequently scores goals whenever it is played at home. Therefore, the possibility of a match with many goals is very high and the financial door will help players have more chances to win.