EURO 2020: Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

In Group D Euro 2020 Qualifier, thanks to Gibraltar, Georgia escapes the status of the roadside team. Georgia's achievement is only better than Gibraltar, the team that is ranked bottom of the table with 5 matches, and compared to Ireland, Denmark or Switzerland, they are much worse. Currently, Georgia has 4 points after 5 rounds and is 4 points behind the Swiss team. With this gap, Georgia is almost out of the race for the ticket to go forward because with weak capabilities, this team can hardly fill that gap, even though in theory, they still have a chance.

Georgia's form is not good as they only won 1 match in the last 6 appearances, the rest lost 3 and drew 2 matches. The advantage of Georgia in this round is that they will have an advantage in the field. The home turf is where Georgia played quite well, in the last round they drew a stronger opponent than Denmark here. With this advantage, the Georgia players are determined to get a beneficial result against Ireland.

But it is difficult because Ireland is playing extremely sublime. They led Group D with 11 points after 5 rounds including 3 wins and 2 draws. More broadly, this team has won 4 and only lost 1 in the last 10 matches. In particular, McCarthy teachers and students have not been defeated in a qualifying match this year. In the first leg, they drew two big players of the group, Denmark and Switzerland. With a quite good performance, the players of Ireland CH are quite comfortable in the coming war.

In the past, Georgia was Ireland's favorite opponent. Specifically, in 10 encounters with Ireland from 2003 to 2019, Georgia won with a draw and 9 defeats. The latest is the first leg took place a while ago, Georgia despite great efforts but still lost with a score of 0-1 when visiting Ireland's yard. Obviously compared to Ireland, Georgia is much weaker. While Ireland has a fairly uniform player team when most are fighting in England with a similar playing mind, Georgia has not a high quality team.

It will not be surprising if Ireland continue to beat Georgia in this rematch. And from there Ireland is the team that will benefit the players in the match with a  gentle football rate of 0.5 left. In addition, the weak attack of Georgia will be an opportunity for Ireland to score, but Ireland's ability to explode away is not high. Statistics show that 10/11 of Ireland's recent away matches have been closed with only a maximum of 2 goals / game. Therefore, the faint door is a wise choice in this match. 

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