EURO 2020: Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

After failing to win the right to participate in the 2018 World Cup finals, Italy has made drastic changes.  Under coach Roberto Mancini, Italy showed a new and vibrant face not only tight in defense but also very generous when attacking.  They are gradually regaining themselves and coming back strong with very satisfactory results.  At this Euro 2020 qualifying campaign, the pasta team shows its superiority by owning a 6-match winning streak with the top of Group J, far behind the second-placed team to 6 points.

In fact, for Italy, this group is also quite easy to breathe when the opponents are considered to be under.  However, it cannot be denied that Italy has done well, stripped to be themselves.  Now almost the top of the table is a match for pasta and the ticket to play the Euro 2020 final is just a matter of time.  If they win the 7th match, they will officially win the right to the finals without having to care about the results of the remaining opponents.

Italy's 3-point goal in this match is not difficult to accomplish because not only is played at home, but Italy also has to receive a weaker opponent than Greece.  Greece is falling dramatically compared to their image in the past.  Although the group is not too harsh, this team has not won yet.  They only got 5 points after 6 matches, which placed the penultimate, only on the road team Liechtenstein and less than Bosnia in 4th place by 3 points.

6 times recently, Greece did not know the smell of victory, even they lost to 4 matches.  Up to this point, Greece had almost run out of hope in the tournament, their remaining matches were mostly procedural.  With the encounter with the Italian team, the ability to win or even have 1 point of Greece is almost no.  A defeat awaits them, even a heavy loss.  In the past, Italy plays outperformed Greece when they were unbeaten in all 6 confrontations, including 4 wins.

The handicap rate for this reunion of the two teams is 1.5 / 2 left.  In terms of football match results, Italy is a reliable name when winning the 5/6 match in the last match, while Greece lost the match 5 consecutive games.  In terms of expertise or investment aspect, Italy deserves to be the player's choice.  Besides, the superiority of Italy and their rising form opened up a jubilant scenario for the match tonight.  Fortune is a wise choice for players. 

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