EURO 2020: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Pictures of the strong Orange Whirlwind are coming back every day.  Currently, they own a quality team of players with many factors that are coveted by Europe.

In defense, it is impossible not to mention the presence of the owner of the best player in Europe last year - Virgil van Dijk.  He was one of the most important factors helping Liverpool to win the Champions League and together with the Netherlands to the Nations League final.

The Frankie de Jong, Matthijs de Ligt or Memphis Depay are the future of the army of Tuyet flower country.  Under the tactical scheme of coach Ronald Koeman, they played extremely cohesive and strong enough to play fair with any opponent.

Currently, the Netherlands is only in 3rd place in Group C of Euro 2020 qualifier. However, they play 1 game less than other names and have a remarkable sub-index.

In the confrontations that took place, this national team defeated Germany after a dramatic double.  Obviously, the mid-range names are not quite enough to make the Orange Whirlwind currently difficult.

On the other side of the battle line, Northern Ireland won all 4 matches in the Euro 2020 qualifier. This is a very commendable achievement.

However, having to be in the same table with both Germany and the Netherlands made them face many difficulties.  Under the Dutch vs Northern Ireland evaluation, the previous defeat of the national team is only Luxembourg, Belarus or Estonia.

At the recent German clash, their shortcomings have been revealed.  Against a high-class opponent, Northern Ireland could not nearly get on the ball.  They were pushed to the side of the yard and could only defend the defense.

Leaving the penalty area under siege for too long brings a lot of negative.  The same situation could absolutely happen to them when confronting the Netherlands.

Host will have 3 points.  However, the probability of their victory in the Dutch vs Northern Ireland bookmaker is not high today.

The reason is because breaking through the defense of the guests is not easy.  The rate of acceptability received today is too high.

Judgment of the Dutch vs Northern Ireland rafter
 Even with good performance, Northern Ireland was not overestimated on the offensive front.  This has led them to rely too much on the defense in matches.

 Against strong opponents, they will undoubtedly continue to maintain the familiar counter-attacking style of play.  It was not easy for the Orange Whirlwind to fire multiple times.  Given this situation, choosing Under is a reasonable solution. 
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